Who are Will's Clients?

My clients are remarkable.

They’re inquisitive and smart and have spent countless hours mastering their field of science, engineering, medicine, or technology.  Some are committed to remaining on the front lines, where they wish to directly apply their mastery and be empowered to contribute as effectively as possible.  Others are in leadership roles, where they use their mastery as the foundation for tackling the broader issues involved in forwarding the mission of their company, institute, or university unit.  Either way, they realize that subject matter mastery is not enough to be truly effective in their organization, or for that matter, in their personal lives.  Thus, they are ready to move beyond a focus on technical competency and explore what it takes to be effective, inspiring, balanced, uniquely contributive, and satisfied.

They include: 

Current managers and leaders who wish to create a climate that allows their teams to be as innovative, collaborative, and effective as possible.  This isn’t rocket science; there are plenty of helpful tools available.  You’re a scientist, and if you’re as willing to experiment with leadership as you are with molecules, this will be easy and even fun!

Those on the front lines who love getting the science done.  You may find it distracting and frustrating to spend time on activities such as meetings, dealing with conflict, changing project priorities, management who doesn’t seem to get it (or you), etc., so let’s work on making the most of your valuable time and energy.  

Future leaders.  If you’re getting started in your field as graduate student, postdoctoral researcher, new faculty member, or new company scientist, you want to be as effective as possible in your work and your interactions with others.  It makes sense to learn what you can now rather than later.  After all, it will leverage your success and you’ll be passing it along to those you influence in the future.  I wish I’d had access to a good coach when I was starting my faculty position!