On Leadership

Exceptional leadership, tailor-made.  

Scientists and related professionals are rarely trained to be leaders, yet often find themselves in such roles.  What resources exists for those who wish to be exceptional leaders?  A company may send a you to a nearby business school for training; they may even contract for a coach.  However, these professionals are rarely experts in science, engineering, medicine, or technology, and thus cannot provide the best contextualized support.  My passion is stepping into that gap.  My clients benefit from my presence as an intuitive and insightful peer and ally who knows people, business, and science.

“But I’m not a leader.” 

For those who do not consider themselves to be leaders and may even be turned off by the word, perhaps you will agree that, in order to contribute effectively, you have considerable responsibility for that effectiveness: you must lead yourself.  The tools that are useful for “leaders” are the same as those for self-leadership.  Coaching can help you contribute to your work (and life) to the best of your ability, regardless of your title or goals.