On Coaching and its Benefits

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a structured, forward-looking, short term, action-oriented process for assessing where you are now, deciding what you want to have happen next, and devising a plan to get there.  It is an effective accelerator for personal and professional growth.  You can think of coaching as a powerful catalyst for creating the experience and outcomes you most want.

Note that coaching is not consulting.  In consulting, I would be called in to help make recommendations to solve a specific problem.  In coaching, we are investigating together.  The range of possibilities is greater than consulting, for coaching is flexible.  I'm not here to tell you what to do:  I assume you are a resourceful person.  By finding the solutions in yourself, you increase that resourcefulness.  And what you learn, lasts.

Benefits of Coaching - What to Expect.

  • Lead teams that are clear, cooperative, and innovative, thereby increasing creative outcomes and the bottom line. 
  • Discover hidden and underused strengths that increase effectiveness and personal satisfaction.
  • Understand the consequences of overusing strengths and find a more balanced approach.
  • Identify and account for blind spots in order to avoid creating repetitive, stressful situations.
  • Gain awareness of both the positive and negative consequences of your patterns and make simple-but-powerful changes to create more desirable results.
  • Notice, understand, and deal with others’ perspectives.
  • Know how to align the personal and professional, a key skill successful leaders value and practice.
  • Experience your life going better on all fronts – as a person, scientist and leader.