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Leadership of yourself or others implies a direction, which requires a commitment.  But that's not enough.  There's a corollary commitment to developing ourselves so we can deliver.  And when we take that on, others notice and are affected: it's catalytic.  If this makes sense to you, let's talk.

An Investment

Entering into a coaching relationship is an investment in your own development.  Clients make this investment in several ways:

  • Contracted coaching through your company
  • Personal development funds that are provided to you by your company
  • Your direct personal investment

Contact me for a free introductory call.

For leaders-in-the-works, I do some coaching on a scholarship basis, so please ask.  Alternatively, I am happy to facilitate small workshops that cover some of the basics, so check with your colleagues.

Being a self-reliant person, it was a challenge to reach out to someone I didn’t know, especially when words like “coach” and “leadership” pop up. But Will is a fellow scientist who I could easily relate to. From that simple and easy beginning, I’m amazed at where it’s taken me. I wish I’d sought support like this years ago. I strongly encourage you to give Will a call.
— D.R., Boston

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Are you beyond the "kinda want to make some changes" phase?  Ready to roll up your sleeves?  Get the conversation started:

  • Call me at 919-526-0757 (Raleigh NC)
  • Email me directly at will at willpearsoncoaching dot com
  • Use the contact form below.  I won't share your information with anyone.  Entering your information will also put you on my mailing list, but it's easy to opt out.
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