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Dr. William H. Pearson was a professor of chemistry at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for twenty years where he ran an internationally-recognized program in synthetic organic chemistry.  His trainees typically gained positions in the pharmaceutical industry, discovering new drugs.  He was an award-winning teacher as well as a popular consultant and instructor of continuing education courses in pharmaceutical companies.  Post-academia, Will was the executive responsible for research and development activities at a company specializing in nucleic acids chemistry.

Most recently, Will founded his coaching practice, where he combines his science background with years of mentorship and leadership experience to provide effective one-on-one coaching support for leaders in science, technology, medicine, and engineering.  He has studied successful science leaders and learned which measurable, validated, alterable leadership qualities promote a climate of collaboration and innovation.  His personal interest in leadership development, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and a host of other humanity-oriented topics give him a deep well to draw from in his coaching.  His clients, often skeptical of coaching or the “soft sciences,” relate to him as a peer and are thus open to exploring new territory with him. His clients include current leaders, future leaders, and those on the front lines who may not consider themselves leaders, all of whom are open to the idea that effectiveness in work and life starts with leadership of self.

Will lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he is often found mountain biking, trail running, and zooming around Virginia International Raceway in loud cars.

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Beyond Coaching

Will is still actively consulting and teaching in the field of organic chemistry.  See what he's up to:

Pearson Chemistry Solutions and other scientific stuff.


"As a scientist and entrepreneur, I've felt competent and capable in my career until it ran aground from too narrow a focus.  With Will's guidance and cogent communication, he helped me understand why I do what I do and how it’s held me back.  Together, we designed specific actions that led me to develop strengths I didn’t know I had.  Now I'm doing it better and with more meaning and it's put me back on a career path that I'm excited about anew.  Will's solid orientation in scientific methodology and his remarkable ability to listen and to empathize were invaluable.  They call it "coaching" but it felt like much more than that.  The guy really listens and connects dots many of us would never think of.  And a transformation takes place."

- P. H., Chicago

For HR folks:  Download Will's coaching one-sheet here.

Will is certified by the ICF at the ACC level (Associate Certified Coach)

Will is certified by the ICF at the ACC level (Associate Certified Coach)

Will is certified in the Tilt365 coaching model and assessment tool.  Click to learn more.

Will is certified in the Tilt365 coaching model and assessment tool.  Click to learn more.