Leadership with Character

Use your natural strengths to broaden your effectiveness and satisfaction in work and life, especially with respect to the people around you.

You’re a master in your field of science, technology, engineering, or medicine and have risen to a leadership position.  Leadership implies a direction, which requires a commitment.  But that's not enough: there is a corollary commitment to developing ourselves so we can deliver.  Leadership of self.  And when we take that on, others notice and are affected:  It's catalytic.  This developmental process is accelerated by coaching. 

Dr. William H. Pearson is a top-flight scientist with decades of experience as a professor, executive, and consultant.  Having studied which measurable leadership phenomena have been rigorously shown to correlate with a climate of success and innovation, he now combines his scientific and business acumen with skills in the development of human potential, providing powerful one-on-one coaching support for leaders in science and related areas.  

Would you benefit from working with a peer who knows science, business, and people?  Will’s approach focuses on character strengths and simple, catalytic actions that lead to sustainable positive influence.  Let's focus there and not on others' subjective views on what you should or shouldn't be doing.

Skeptic alert! If your BS meter is already pegged, start here.

Don’t consider yourself a leader?  Read this.

Being a self-reliant person, it was a challenge to reach out to someone I didn’t know, especially when words like “leadership” and “coach” pop up. But Will is a fellow scientist who I could easily relate to. From that simple and easy beginning, I’m amazed at where it’s taken me. I wish I’d sought support like this years ago. I strongly encourage you to give Will a call.
— D. R., Boston pharmaceutical company

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